Crucial Gardening Tools

Gardening is a relaxing, fulfilling and enjoyable hobby.  Every hobby has some equipment that is essential for practicing it.

Sports have balls and protective gear; hunting has bows, cameras, scopes, etc. For any gardener, a well-stocked tool shed is a necessity to the job.  In this article, you will find the top ten crucial garden tools with explanations as to why they are so important.


A spade is an essential tool as you will need it to dig holes in your garden for planting larger plants such as roses and shrubs.  A good spade will often have a ten year warranty and will last a lifetime.  The best spades are those made from stainless steel, as these will not rust.

Long-handled Fork

A long-handled fork is ideal for turning the earth over, giving it a chance to breathe which will then help your plants to stay healthy and grow well.  It saves bending down so will help to keep your back in shape.  It’s also useful for pulling out stubborn weeds from your borders.


Useful for close digging and creating smaller holes for smaller plants, a trowel is a must-have in your tool box.  It’s particularly good for digging between stone and rock, perfect if you have a rockery or perhaps a particularly stony garden.

Hand Fork

Much like the long-handled fork, the hand fork helps aerate the soil.  It is great for loosening up rocky ground and picking out stubborn stones, as well as pulling up strong rooted weeds.


A hoe is particularly important for edging your borders as well as scraping away roots and debris from the top layer of soil.


There are many different types of rakes useful for different jobs, but for a basic toolkit, a hard rake should suffice. You need it to rake up leaves and mulch, and to tidy borders and top soil.

Thatching Rake

Pruning Shears

Pruning shears need to be of as high a quality as possible as they need to be incredibly sharp.  You will use them for trimming shrubs, hedges and occasionally, small branches of trees.  They are vital, as without these, your garden could become rather overgrown!

Kneeling Pad

Although this might not seem an obvious tool to keep in your shed, a kneeling pad is in fact very important when gardening.  You will spend a lot of time on your knees digging and rooting around and a kneeling pad will save your knees from damage.


Rain is fantastic for keeping your garden lush and bright, however, we can’t rely on rain coming when the garden needs it!  It is best to get a good hose that is at least one and a half times the length of your garden.  This should give you enough length to be able to reach even the most distant border.


It may seem like it’s something simple, but a good quality pair of scissors will come in very handy.  They are great for taking cuttings from plants, opening bags of compost and cutting string (another useful tool, though not in the top ten).  Scissors need to be on hand at all times when you are gardening!